It’s the 29th of the month and I’m lying awake, worrying.   I bought that flat as an investment, but these days it seems more hassle then it’s worth.   My bond repayment comes off on the 1st - what if my tenant is late with payment again?  How will I be able to maintain my good credit record if I don’t make my bond payment on time?  What if they default altogether?  How on earth would I go about evicting them?  How do I know the next tenant won’t be just as bad?  What if they damage my property?  What if they bombard me with minor things every week, like the last tenants did?  If only there was a way I could enjoy the benefits of renting my property, without all the stress!

Sound familiar?

Julie Solomon Property understands the worries and stresses of being a landlord. We also understand people – so much so that we are willing to take the risk of renting out of your hands and into ours.  No more lying awake at night, worrying.

Introducing ………………………….  JSP RentGuarantee

Let us manage your property and we GUARANTEE that your rent is paid into your account on the 1st day of each month, whether or not your tenant has paid.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Not to us!  We are so confident about our 5 Point Placement Process used in sourcing top notch, quality tenants, that we guarantee your rent payment each and every month,  the hassle of dealing directly with your tenant.


How does it work -  JSP RentGuarantee?
We know that tenants can be problematic,  paying late and on a different day of the month each time or  only paying partial amounts or worse still,   not paying at all!    And when you have a bond to pay,  this is a problem that puts you under financial pressure.  That is why we guarantee your monthly rental is paid to you each and every month on the 1st day or every month,  whether your tenant has paid or not, GUARANTEED!  Almost unbelievable isn’t it?  We cover you for 3 months of non payment.  We cover the cost of legal notices and legal fees, just exclude eviction costs -  should that become necessary.  We take care of the hassle of a non paying tenant for you.

How much does it cost?
JSP RentGuarantee will cost you 10% of your monthly rent,  but only from month two.  We charge 50% of the first month’s rent to find, secure and thoroughly vet the tenant,  approved by you of course,  by using our tried and tested 5 Point Placement Process.  This ensures you get paid on the 1st of EVERY month, every time. 
We also provide FREE of charge a pre-paid electricity metre to enable us to monitor your tenant’s payments more easily.  Just the installation cost is for your account, however, you may choose to use your own electrician or we can recommend one for you. (Installation +- R750.00)  The metre remains the property of JSP RentGuarantee.  A once off admin fee of R200.00 is payable.

How does the rent payment work?
JSP RentGuarantee pays your rent on the 1st day of the month, directly into the bank account of your choice.  We email you a monthly statement to enable to keep your property financial affairs up-to-date.  We in turn collect the rent from your tenant.

How about the water, rates & levy accounts -  who pays that?
You may wish to allow us to handle these payments on your behalf and this is all included at no further cost to you.    Just send us the bills, or better still,  have the service providers send the bills directly to us and we handle this on your behalf at NO FURTHER CHARGE.  We send you a copy with your monthly statement each month.  Some landlords prefer to pay their own utility accounts and opt out of this additional service, its entirely up to you.
We do ask your tenant for a ‘utilities deposit’ to cover their last month’s usage.   Any excess amount is refunded to the tenant at the end of the lease.

How does the deposit work?
The tenant pays a deposit of the equivalent of one month’s rental which is held in the trust account of attorneys MP Lutge Incorporated.  This deposit accrues interest for the tenant.  The deposit may be used to settle any outstanding rent and any damages, should that be necessary.

Who evicts the tenant should that become necessary?
We have strategically partnered with RENT DOC and RENTAL RETAINER,  Marlon Shevelew,  South Africa’s premier rental attorney.  Due to this partnership eviction costs are greatly reduced and by implementing our in-depth 5 Point Placement Process,  this greatly reduces the possibility of a delinquent tenant. We are here to advise and handle the legal process on your behalf.

Who finds the tenant?
We do!  JSP RentGuarantee handles the entire process for you - the advertising,  the applications,  the screening, the paperwork,  key handover,  etc, etc - the entire process,  at no additional cost to you.   We provide you with a signed lease, get the tenant moved in, collect all the deposits as well as take care of the initial inspection.  This all forms part of our service to make your life easier.

What are the Terms & Conditions?
  1. We accept monthly rentals of not more than R10 000 per month (higher rentals by individual consideration)
  2. Rental amount to be determined by JSP RentGuarantee, with your approval, and in accordance with market related prices.  
  3. Tenants to be placed and vetted by us.
  4. Minimum lease period of 12 months
  5. Lease renewal.  The tenants deposit amount will be increased to match the increased monthly rental.  A new 5 Point Placement Process is undertaken to ensure the tenant remains in a positive financial state.  A placement fee of 5% of the monthly rental is charged for each subsequent 12 month period and a renewal lease is drawn up.  There is no charge for the renewal lease.
  6. Minor repairs, i.e. general wear & tear are taken care of by us.  We inform you as to what is required and then send in the relevant service provider and invoice you at month end. 
  7. Tenants are placed on a debit order system  - we do not accept cash or cheque payments.
  8. We GUARANTEE your rent is paid to you on the 1st day of every month.

Being a landlord need not be fraught with problems.  Let JSP RentGuarantee take care of your tenant for you!

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